Trophies remembering Nawang
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Trophies in the Memory of Lt. Nawang Kapadia

 Two trophies have been created in memory of Lt. Nawang Kapadia. These trophies would be a permanent record in memory of him. The first trophy is for “The Best Adventurer” of the Indian Army for the Year”. This trophy made in silver with insignia of 3 Gorkha Rifles on one side and a portrait of Lt. Nawang Kapadia on the other side.  The trophy has been  handed over to the Army Adventure Wing in New Delhi which is the central organisation for conduct of all adventure related activities in the Indian Army. Army Adventure Wing will select the winner and present the trophy to the best adventurer in the army for the year.


The second trophy is instituted at 39 Gorkha Training Centre which is the central organisation to conduct training of new recruits in the 3rd and 9th Gorkha Rifles. This trophy, made in silver, has insignia  of 3rd Gorkha Rifles on one side and a carving of The Gateway of India in Mumbai on the other side.  The Commandant of 39 GTC will select and award this trophy annually to “The Best Instructor” in the training centre for the year.

 We,  the Kapadia family, are grateful to the Army Adventure Wing and Brig. Anil Malhotra Commandant of 39 GTC for agreeing to accept these trophies. Maj. Jai  Chanda of 4 / 3rd Gorkha Rifles (Nawang’s Regiment) played an important role in instituting these trophies. In these awards Nawang’s memories would live forever.     

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