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Khukri of Honour

What is a Khukri? 

Khukri in Action 

Khukri Report 

Memory of Past



Awards & Commendations

Nawang Trophy

Shahid Lt. Nawang Kapadia Chowk

Army Commendations 

Tribute at School 

City Remembers 

Fighting the Terror 

Trophies remembering Nawang 

Young Achievers 

NCC Award

War and Peace

More than beaches in Goa

Navneet Nawang Trophy

Mountains & Memories

Mountaineering Experience

Nawang Kapadia Library

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Siachen Book

Temple in Nanda Devi

Arganglas Expedition

Padmanabh Expedition

King Albert Award

Mountainscapes Paintings

Nawang Experiences


Experiences with the Army

Government Claims

LIC Branch No 907

Banking on SBI

Mysterious Ways of God

Deosar Ka Tilla

Letter from Ekta Langer

Experience in Kashmir

Remembrance Day

Nawang Football Club

Two Tributes 

Nawang's Friends

Honouring Nawang

How I remember Lt. Kapadia

Busy Mess Detachment

PRC Tea Packaging

Air Conditioned Prison



What you can do

Wear the Khukri of Honour

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Plant Trees in Memory

Siachen Book


Army Memorials

4/3 Gorkha Rifles Memorial

99 Mountain Brigade Memorial

15 Corp Memorial at Srinagar

Northern Command Memorial

OTA Memorial

39 Gorkha Training Centre Memorial

Last Post

Martyr's Memorial at Thane


Logos on Mobile

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Trees for Nawang

Nawang's Tree Sign

Recommended Trees

Lessons From Nature


Van Mahotsav

Tree Planted by Mariko

Trees and Children

Ashes to Ashes

Nawang’s Last Journey: Pauna lake

3rd Gorkha Rifles

Raising of the Battalion

Early Years of the Battalion

Regimental Motto

Who are the Broncos

39 GTC

Visit to Almora

Visit to 1/9 GR

Visit to Jammu

Visit to Darjeeling

Gorkha Sammelan

Book on Third and Ninth Gorkhas

Shantaram Post

Palton Never Forgets

Blooding of the Phor Thud

New Account of the Penga Raid

Videos of 3 Gorkha Rifles

Battle of Pirkanthi

Gorkha Cross the Stream



Nawang at the Battalion

Outside a temple in the Rohensara Valley

The night before the Passing out Parade

Group Photograph at OTA

Sketch of the Area where this happened

Nawang's meeting with the Chief of the Army Staff


With Friends and Family

At Officer's Training Academy in Chennai
Passing Out Parade

Last Passage of Nawang


Motto of the Indian Armed Forces

Death be not Proud

Lest we Forget

Bhagwat Gita, Chapt X. shlok 41 (Radhakrishna)

Great Deeds

Die in Combat Zone

Quotations Contributed by Visitors to the Site


Poems written in Memory of Nawang 

Favorite poems of Nawang

Poems of Valour and Sorrow

Poems Contributed by Visitors to the Site




Rope No 5

Fitting Tribute

Sacrifice Thee Can't Forget

The Nawang Saga

Lt. Nawang Kapadia - personification of commitment

Article in Gomantak Times

Magic Marble

Celebrating the Unsung Hero

Requiem For A Son 

In Memoriam 

Sign of Courage 

Lest We Forget 

In Memory of an Army Officer 

I Cannot See the Dignity 

An Untimely Unwarranted Tragedy 

On the Death of a Soldier 

Not another Kashmir Ka Kissa


26th Birthday of Lt. Nawang Kapadia


First Death Anniversary of Nawang's Supreme Sacrifice

Sixth Anniversary

Nineth Anniversary

Visit to Nepal

Photos of the visit 

Ma and Baba's account of the visit 

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