Banking on SBI
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Banking on State Bank of India

- Harish Kapadia

We hear and read about how the family faced trouble in settlement of commercial aspects after a sudden death. Opposite our house there is a branch of State Bank of India, Carmichael Road, which looked after all the banking requirements of our family and of Nawang. Once Nawang had gone to the bank to change an old Rs. 50 note and he was denied the exchange at the counter. He quietly came home and immediately sent a letter of complaint. Next day a senior personnel from the bank came with a bundle of new notes for Nawang to exchange.

After Nawang's death Mrs. M. S. Kulkarni, deputy Manager at the bank and others ladies from the branch visited us and offered condolences. Whatever banking procedures were to be done were quickly settled by the bank. The entire staff, the Branch Manager, everyone went out of their way to help us. If a certificate was required it was immediately given. There were Traveller's Cheques purchased by Nawang, which were unsigned and returned with his belongings. This were encashed without a delay. Several changes in accounts, anything for that matter was done without any question or delay - a most importantly with care. Everything received from the army or any certificates to be sent were promptly handled. Mrs. Kulkarni in particular, and others guided us through several procedures and everything was done efficiently.

After this experience I sometimes wonder why people complain regarding banking in India. Our experience, after this tragedy was vastly different.

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