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The world is a fine place and worth fighting for - Ernest Hemingway

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Description of the Logo    Meaning of the Logo    Use of the Logo


Description on the Logo

The logo is a silhouette of Lt. Nawang Kapadia in the regimental dress of the 3rd Gorkha Rifles. This silhouette has been created from the picture  of Nawang on the day of the Passing Out Parade. The logo has two stars on the shoulder and the badge of the 3rd Gorkha Rifles on the Gorkha hat.



Meaning of the Logo

The Passing Out Parade was the proudest day in Nawang's life. This was the day that he became an officer in the Indian Army and wore the uniform of the 3rd Gorkha Rifles for the first time.

The two stars on the shoulder amulet signify the rank of a lieutenant. This is the starting rank in the Army for officers. The first time that the stars are worn on the shoulder they are covered and the covers are removed by the family of the officer during the "Piping Ceremony"

The hat worn by Nawang is the famous "Gorkha Hat". This is worn by all the officers and men of the Gorkha Regiments as a part of their uniform. The hat has to be worn at a slat on 15 degrees. 

The badge on the Hat is the emblem of the 3rd Gorkha Rifles which is worn by the officers and jawans of the regiment.



Use of the Logo

The logo can be used in all communication, letters and e-mails. We have prepared three templates that can be used for letters. Please feel free to use these or to make your own.

Letter Head Template 1

Letter Head Template 2

Letter Head Template 3

Download the logo to make your own letter head




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