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Passing Out Parade

The “passing out parade” marks the commissioning of Nawang into the Indian Army. From the cadet and the OTA he became an officer of the Indian Army. After the Passing Out Parade the cadets change into the uniforms of their regiments( 3rd Gorkha Rifles, for Nawang). The 2 stars on their shoulder which signify the rank of a Lieutenant are covered when they wear it for the time. The covers on stars are removed by the family and from then on they are always worn with pride by the young officers. Since Nawang was in a “Rifle” regiment, his stars are black in colour unlike the golden stars of other regiments.

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Celebrations.jpg (94123 bytes) Crooked Caps of Gorkhas.jpg (95651 bytes) Crooked Caps of Gorkhas2.jpg (81752 bytes)
Recently commissioned officers posing The Gorkha Officers! The Gorkha Officers!
doctor and solidier.jpg (86103 bytes) Graduating Batch.jpg (200456 bytes) Graduation Celebrations.jpg (82440 bytes)
Doctor and a Solider Passing out group The celebrations
Graduation Celebrations2.jpg (92872 bytes) Nawang Mrinal and Sonam at the OTA Art Gallery.jpg (70206 bytes) Passing Out Parade.jpg (97224 bytes)
The celebrations WIth Mrinal and Sonam The passing out parade
Piping Ceremony.jpg (124236 bytes) the Fit and the Fat.jpg (86745 bytes) With other graduates.jpg (136823 bytes)
Being piped into the Indian army by his mother and grandmother WIth Sonam Group photograph

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