The Palton : 4/3 Gorkha Rifles
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History of the 4th Battalion the 3rd Gorkha Rifles

The fourth battalion of the Gorakhas had a chequered history

 It was raised twice as part of the expansion in the two world wars of 1914 -1918

  • First raised at Rawalpindi in 1916 as First reserve battalion, Gorakha Rifles, it served with distinction in the North Western Frontier Province and saw action  against Afghans ,Wazirs, Mahsudsin year 1916-1922.

The Battalion won honours for the action in capturing piquet 3962 and as part  of covering troops of the Wana Brigade. 

The Battalion was disbanded after each war.

  •  In Second World War it was re-raised in 1941 and served again in North Western  Frontier Province and earned high commendation for the capture of Alexandra  piquet which was located at a height of 8,000ft

April 1947 it was again disbanded .

 The Army Head Quarters authorized the 39 Gorakh Training Centre to raise the  fourth Battalion of Gorakha Rifles .

Lt.Col. R.K.Duleep Sinh took over the command of the new battalion with Subhedar  Major Harka Bahadur Gurung as the first SM.

It was at Ghanghora ,the Battalions gradually built up its strenght of young officers , weapons , equipment ,vehicles and stores .

The Pundits decided on the 20th February as the auspicious for Flag Raising Day. Five Pundits performed the 'Havan' and the New Regimental Flag was blessed by  them. Major Raghunath Singh presented the flag to the Escort commander,2nd  Lt.P.B.Thapa, while a Guard of Honour of 98 jawans commanded by Maj. M.B. Gurung presented the arms  .

The flag was presented to the Adjudant,Capt. Mohan Singh Gurung and affixed on  the flag-mast .

Once more the Honour of Guards presented arms ,the band played General Salute .

Reveille sounded and the flag was hoisted on top of the mast by Lt.Col. Duleep  Sinh .

Sub Major Harka Bahadur Gurung led the Battalion in to a ringing voice of three  cheers

' FourthThird Gorakha Rifles ki Jai '

It was a solemn and moving ceremony , announcing arrival of one more

Battalion of the 3rd Gorkha Rifles was ready to answer any call of duty.

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