Officer's Training Academy
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At the Officers Training Academy in Chennai

Nawang joined the Officer’s Training Academy in Chennai in October 1999. This is  a prime training institute of the Indian Army training new officers. Nawang had taken up the short-service commission which entails service for five years and then and option to convert it into a life-long career.

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Party Dress.jpg (125121 bytes) Dressed Cadet.jpg (163384 bytes) In the train with friends.jpg (137169 bytes)
Cadets in dress  uniform the evening before the parade. Nawang is second from right Nawang in cadet's uniform at the OTA Returning from a training program with other cadets
In the trenches.jpg (173678 bytes) Cadet at War.jpg (107533 bytes) with_friend1.jpg (54612 bytes)
In the trenches during training On the back of a truck  Posing with guns
receiving_award.jpg (56242 bytes) With War Heros.jpg (80428 bytes) With a gun on the field.jpg (106619 bytes)
Receiving an award At the martyrs wall in OTA Playing with guns
With Dileep R _ His buddy at OTA.jpg (131026 bytes)    
With Dileep R. at the bust of Parameshwaran, PVC    
with_tie1.jpg (43971 bytes) standing1.jpg (85257 bytes)
Casual dress at the OTA Cadet's Uniform at the OTA Karate training at the OTA

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