Officer's Trainning Academy Memorial
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Memorial at the Officer's Training Academy, Chennai


Watch the Video of the Ceremony at the Hut of Remembrance on the day of the Passing Out Parade on Sept 2, 2000



Martyrs' Memorial at the Officer's Training Academy, Chennai


On September 2, 2000, Nawang passed out from the Officer's Training Academy at Chennai. At the Passing Out Parade, Nawang took an important step that changed him from Nawang Kapadia to Lieutenant Nawang Kapadia, an officer with the Indian Army. This step which is marked on the parade ground at the "Antim Path" (the last step) signifies the crossing over of a civilian into an Army life. Sworn to protect the constitution and the Indian way of life. The commission to granted by the President of India to become part of the glorious heritage of the Indian Army.

The most scared place in the OTA is the Martyr's memorial or the Hut of Remembrance, this is the hallowed ground where the new cadets remember their comrades who made the supreme sacrifice in the line of duty. These are the soldiers that immortalised what they had learnt at the academy and become the most glorious students.

We remember well, when we had visited the OTA during the passing out parade Nawang taking us to the hut and most respectfully, showed this sacred ground.

Nawang's name has joined the ranks of the best that the academy represents.



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