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Name :   Sonam Kapadia
Memories :   This web page is a memorial for Lt. Nawang Kapadia. Through this page the memory of Nawang will live forever and be shared with everyone
Name :   Koul
Memories :   Site really touched my heart.A salute this young man for his courage.I know how it must be for your family.May God grant peace to his soul. -Koul
Name :   Pranav
Memories :   Great india and great solider of indian army.........i wish i would able to do the same............regards to the great parents who had such a great son
Name :   Anonymous
Memories :   People go to sleep peacably at night, knowing that there stand men of rough character, willing to do violence on their behalf. - George Orwell
Name :   Arun Sitaraman
Memories :   May this brave soldier's soul rest in peace, in the everlasting and loving embrace of the almighty. I hope and pray that such valiant martyrdom will lead us all into a common sense of national integration, self-confidence, courage and purposeful life
Name :   anand
Memories :   no words to describe your sacrifice. sad to loose a person like you
Name :   Ashish Parbhakar
Memories :   
Name :   Ashish Parbhakar
Memories :   I Salute this Son of India and I pay me best regards to his Great Mother and Father ,thank u for giving us a HERO. He will live for ever. Jai Hind
Name :   Rohit
Memories :   It was a splendid tribute to a selfless sentinel of the nation. Wish his family fortitude and peace.
Name :   Rudraprasad
Memories :   Hats off to our brave soldiers.JAI HIND.
Name :   Gaurav singal
Memories :   My full tributes are with the brave son of India. Nawang did a unexplainable act of bravery. He will always be there in the prayers of the people for whom he laid his life.
Name :   Rejith
Memories :   I never knew Lt. Nawang. But I know that He died for me.
Name :   Sriram Natarajan
Memories :   Very fitting monument to a brave soldier. Nawang Kapadia will remain alive in our hearts.
Name :   amitava raha
Memories :   i wish if i could have joined army...
Name :   Anjali
Memories :   Though I didnt know him but going through the site, it seems as if I did. I salute the family for giving the nation sucha brave man. Regards
Name :   Rajkumar Selvaraj
Memories :   I am fm the 14th course of the OTA chennai.I was in the Regiment of Artillery.I left the army in 1978. I am proud to have been in an Army where brave officers like Nawang have laid down their lives for the country, especially in times when the youth of to
Name :   
Memories :   It is truly a humbling experience to read about the great sacrifices that young men in the Army to make the lives of the rest of us safe and secure
Name :   Ashish Tripathi
Memories :   As an Indian I would like to salute my highest respects to this true son of our motherland. He may be gone physically but his deeds will inspire generations of young men and women.I also salute his parents for raising a gem and then letting him go. God Bl
Name :   Sumeet Mittal
Memories :   This is because of people like u Nawang that we can say that we are proud Hindustani. Jai Hind!!
Name :   Leny Veliyathuparambil
Memories :   I have browsed through many pages of your beautiful site. Through the site I have been able to understand his life a little bit. My heartfelt condolences to his fantastic parents and family. Navang life is inspiring for all the youths of the worl
Name :   srinivasa
Memories :   I whole heartedly salute you and your family who produced a real life hero
Name :   Sivakumar
Memories :   Sir, I dont have words to describe the bavery of your son. Its because of such heroes our country is still surviving. -siva
Name :   A Kaul
Memories :   Kudos to you and your family for your courage and being parents of Amar Lt. Nawang Kapadia. The Nation is indebted to you and we are proud of our brave soldiers.
Name :   Mrigya
Memories :   I pay my tributes to Nawang and all the people who have sacrifised their lives for our nation, and hope that people who are alive understand and respect their sacrifice.
Name :   Rajneesh Sadanand
Memories :   We salute your brave son. My respects to the great parents of a great son. God Bless and Jai Hind.
Name :   Shubhra Chowdhury
Memories :   A Soldier never dies.......he just fades away.......these were the lines i remember hearing from my grandfather, a fine soldier from the Indian Army. A heroic act of courage and valour of Nawang also reminds me of a friend of mine with a similar sacrifice
Name :   Abhijit Sheth
Memories :   I am so very glad that I share at least one thing in common with this great son of India. We both are New Eraites. Nawang was born when I left the school. I wish I could have had the opportunity to serve my country as well as he did. Guys like Nawang do
Name :   Murali Ranganathan
Memories :   Nawang's sacrifice to this nation invaluable. I salute this great man.
Name :   Kanwarjit SIngh Sabharwal
Memories :   Nawang, u have made supreme sacrifice for our nation. Although I never met u, after going thru this site, I will always remember u. JAI HIND.
Name :   Vivek Ranjan
Memories :   I want to express my gratefulness to you for letting us all know about the bravery of Nawang. Not many people have the courage, to do what he did and it is inspirational. Heroes are such people as Nawang, who bring us security that we seem to take for gra
Name :   Ananth Krishnan
Memories :   You are not gone, Nawang. You live in our hearts and minds. God bless your family.
Name :   Angeline Vinayak
Memories :   As we celebrate our 55th year of independence I salute Nawang for his valour,and also all the other guardians of our nation to whom thanks is too small a word to show our gratitude. Jai Hind
Name :   Umeshchandrasinh
Memories :   My hearltfelt condolences. You can be proud that your son has passed on, serving in the highest traditions of the Indian Army and in the service of his country. He was a very gallant young officer whose life has been cruelly shortened. May his soul rest i
Name :   Ashish
Memories :   Sonam and Kapadia Family, You have done a great job in bringing Nawang's life in front of everyone. I think we all have something learn from it and his sacrifice for the country shouldnot go un-noticed. Thanks
Name :   Anand Krishna
Memories :   I hope you are in a better place because you deserve it.
Name :   sachin
Memories :   Its takes brave parents to show such grace in the light of this tragedy. We are very proud of having such people amonsgt us.
Name :   desmond j fernandes
Memories :   i was extremely touched to read this site and feel so proud to be a mumbaikar and an indian after reading all about nawang,i felt like i knew him and wanted him to be alive again so that i could meet him and get toknow him better although i know people li
Name :   Binu Bal
Memories :   India would always be indebted to men like Nawang. I salute his mother for giving birth to such a brave son. Sonam, I salute the courage and grit of your brother. May his soul rest in peace.
Name :   Anonymous
Memories :   You have the gratitude of this Indian - it is because of the valor of soldies like Nawang that the majority of Indians can live in peace.
Name :   Shaibal Kumar Bose
Memories :   I do not have any memories about my dear brother Nawang, as I never met him. But I am sure, someday I will surely meet him in my after-life. And, I will express my deep gratitute and respect to him for his eternal sacrifice to save my motherland from the
Name :   Khyati Shah
Memories :   I dont believe in God. Only people like Nawang can be termed as one. May he and all the others who have sacrificed their life be in peace whereever they are.
Name :   Balaji Sundarrajan
Memories :   It is the sacrifice of brave people like Lieutenant Nawang H. Kapadia, that allows us to live our lives in peace and security. But how many people realise this? My salutations to this brave son of Mother India.
Name :   Rahul Vitekar
Memories :   My heart-felt tribute to a brave Soldier.
Name :   Sajan Parihar
Memories :   Every one has to go from this world one day but very few leave a mark, he seems to be one of those.We salute this brave soldier of our motherland.
Name :   Nataraj
Memories :   I am proud of Nawang. My obesciences to the great soldier.
Name :   Randhish.R
Memories :   I am sorry but i got to know of Lt. Nawang Kapadia only today from the article in I truly respect Lt. Nawang Kapadia for the great sacrifice that he has made. It is only because of people like Lt. Nawang Kapadia that we are living a peaceful l
Name :   Vinay Chikarmane, USA
Memories :   Harish & Geetaji, you are not alone in your grief. Lt Nawang was young & so much promise but he did not die in vain. He is a shining example of courage in life to all.
Name :   jay varma
Memories :   we are Proud of you nawang. Varma family Calcutta
Memories :   Site really touched my heart.A salute this young man.I hope and pray that such valiant martyrdom will lead us all into a common sense of national integration, self-confidence, courage and purposeful life.: no words to describe your sacrifice. sad to loose
Name :   Rao Vankamamidi
Memories :   My salaam to Nawang and your family!
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