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Name :   Sonam Kapadia
Memories :   This web page is a memorial for Lt. Nawang Kapadia. Through this page the memory of Nawang will live forever and be shared with everyone
Name :   Lilian Vaz
Memories :   Your sacrifice, your family's sacrifice will be cherished forever. God grant you eternal rest and your soul rest in peace.
Name :   Shalini Bachani
Memories :   I canot express my feelings on the sacfrifice that our armed forces make to protect this beautiful country of ours. It makes me proud to be an Indian when I see such courage from a family who has lost their son to protecting the Indian borders. May God be
Name :   Kanak Mani Dixit
Memories :   War is always senseless, but the feeling is heightened when someone proximate and promising departs. Those closest to the bereavement have with them the moral force required to try and end war - including the one in Kashmir.
Name :   Shernaaz Engineer
Memories :   A hero's valour is the ultimate victory that trancends everything, even the shackles of time. The only thing that ever lives on is love. And sacrifice is the highest form of love. Nawang, is a hero forever...
Name :   Nilesh Nathwani
Memories :   I regret I did not meet Nawang. I would have loved to hear his stories.
Name :   Alok Bhatnagar
Memories :   This site is a beautiful tribute to a brave son of India. We are all proud of our armed forces. May God bless Nawang's family and continue to give them strength.
Name :   Osborne Marques
Memories :   I salute Nawang for his courage and bravery. We are proud of him and he will always be remembered with pride. I would have loved to meet and talk to him.
Name :   Mick Fowler
Memories :   With deepest sympathy.
Name :   LT.J.P.Singh
Memories :   Lt. Nawang was my Bn type. though i was notso close to him but share lot of pleasent/unpleasent moments during Bn fallins. it was realy shoking to know about this. though today he is not with us but will always remain in our thought and mind. Nawang means
Name :   LT ISHAN R
Memories :   Kapadia that's what we use to call him. It's really shocking to know about this news. He was very close to me. In our first term of OTA he was not only my Platoon type but my room mate also. Although he was shifted to Phillora Coy in the second term but t
Name :   Satish Shah (new Era)
Memories :   I salute you,my dear Nawang.God bless THE KAPADIAS.I shall insist on meeting you first up there Nawang and then god;I promise.
Name :   Henry Osmaston
Memories :   I never knew Nawang but I joined an expedition to Siachen with his father Harish. I am sad that the same senseless war continues to claim the lives of good men like him.
Name :   Anshuman Sen
Memories :   " If a man says he's not afraid of dying, he's either lying, or he's a Gorkha." - FM Sam Manekshaw. I salute Lt. Kapadia. I was a 1st termer at IMA (107 IMA Kohima coy) when I busted my knee. Had that not happened the GR would have been my first preferenc
Name :   mr.bae seung youl
Memories :   Tiger father,tiger son,tiger traditions!
Name :   kurian mathews
Memories :   buddy,life is too short , would you have wanted to live any other way HELL NO ..i rem getting the ragada's with him...wish we'd shared more gulab jamuns...till we meet again JESSAMI 13
Name :   Kurian Mathews
Memories :   just remembered talking to him and telling him if any of us ever died then for every tear from our MOMS side our POPS would do 10 push-ups...and vice-versa(cant be sexist)....till we meet and win the DISCOVERY ECO-CHALLENGE.. sky isnt the limit for you d
Name :   Shailendra Bidye
Memories :   I dont know you Nawang but people like you are the rarest breed of human beings in the world
Name :   Geeta Ahlawat
Memories :   "To live in the hearts of those you love is not to DIE". The beautiful memories you have left behind will comfort your family in their hour of grief.
Name :   Srikanth Babu Tummala
Memories :   I am incompetent to express my feelings in words. I respectfully salute Nawang for his supreme sacrifice. Nawang and his family will remain source of inspiration and courage. A grateful Indian
Name :   Prasanth
Memories :   LT: Nawang.. joins the endless list of our brave brothers who think nothing b4 sacrificing their life for the nation...
Name :   Amol Salunke
Memories :   My Salute to Brave & Valiant soldier, your sacrifice will always be remembered & it will be a guiding spirit to the young generation. I am proud to be Indian & to have such a Brave soldier, India is proud of him. I being a Marattha and a patriot, I again
Name :   radhika curumsey
Memories :   when i heard that nawang bhai was in the army i felt proud of him . but when i heard about this encounter i felt realy sorry about it .i am very proud to have a brother like him . Who fought so bravely .i am so luckly to have a brother like him.i am also
Name :   Roy Greenwood.Rev. Spain
Memories :   in Nawang prevailed higher ethic for "There is no greater love Than this,that a man should lay down his life for his Friends"
Name :   Lt.Aamir Iqbal,24 Inf Div Sig Regt
Memories :   how can I forget his ever smiling and radiatingface,his gentleway of speaking....Deathis a reality &everysoulis to have a taste of death,sooner orlater.Today or Tommorow .In moment of grief I am always with you.
Name :   Lt.Aamir Iqbal,24 Inf Div Sig Regt
Memories :   how can I forget his ever smiling and radiating face,his gentle way of speaking....Death is a reality &every soul is to have a taste of death,sooner or later.Today or Tommorow .In moment of grief I am always with you.
Name :   Farhad Talari.
Memories :   We were the last benchers in the 7th standard. Nawang, Arif, Sachin and Me were put in a seperate single row by our Class Teacher Mrs. Gonsalves. She was the best we had and Nawang was the most radical in the class. He was cute aslo. He always had short h
Name :   Joan Madsen (USA)
Memories :   Deepest sympathies to Nawangs family and friends. A true hero who will be remembered always.
Name :   Lt.Abhishek Singh 50 AR
Memories :   Tiger,my salute,but Nawang i envy you,if death comes,i'll love to depart your style.MIGHTY MEIKTILA.
Name :   Nirali Lal
Memories :   Nawang you can say that he had accomplished what many others strive to fulfill, and at such an early age. I shall always respect and admire Nawang.
Name :   D.K .ARYA I.P.S
Memories :   Nawang died in the cause of his motherland and in doing so brought glory ,to Geeta and you and to all of us. There could not have been anobler cause.
Name :   Dr.O.C. Handa,Shimla
Memories :   Harishji,I can feel the agony you suffered at loss of Nawang , appriciate your fortitude in facing such a deepest feelings for Geetaji ,dear Sonam ,and you .
Name :   Sir Chris Bonington,UK
Memories :   Geeta,Harish ,Sonam , our thoughts and love go out for you in this hardest of time.Chris ,Wendy.
Name :   Mama Pandy , Almora
Memories :   Nawang made supreme sacrifice for our mother-land .We were hoping to meet him in Almora but destiny wished otherwise.weare allproud of him ,lossis entirely ours.
Name :   Maj. Yogendra Singh (retd
Memories :   words can never be enough to convey my feelings .through these lines I wanted to share your loss as I am ex-officer 4/3 GORAKHA RIFLES .
Name :   Michael Westmacott,UK
Memories :   learnt the news in Kathmandu....that your son Nawang was doing his duty for his country .we both send you our sympathy .May God be with you.
Name :   Phillip Strugeon,Switzerland
Memories :   our profoundest sympathy on your tragic loss.Regarding Siachen peace park ,we wish you every sucess in your pursuit of that endand would be pleased to join in financial support of such an effort should that beome possible.
Name :   John ,Eleen , UK
Memories :   Kashmir -a country that we knew so all seems such a waste but the fact that he gave up his life for another fellow human being must make you feel very proud of him ...
Name :   Dr.Rakesh Bhansali.
Memories :   accept our heartfelt condolences
Name :   Dilip D'souza
Memories :   ..if our two countries find the wisdom to find peace that would be finest tribute to Nawang , -for I beleive he died fighting for Peace for all for India and Pakistan
Name :   Major Bhupi ,Ladakh Scouts
Memories :   A great Gorkha soldier NAWANG ,who lead from the front ,lead by an example.WE bow our head and salute him for his exempary courage , selfless deeds and principles.
Name :   Rekha
Memories :   ...His heroism will make him immortal
Name :   Col.Avinash Singh
Memories :   his Valour is testimony of viberant ,positive and courageous Third Gorkh rifles we are proud of him,in a very short span of time he has immortalised himself and created a place which is a dream of every Infantry Soldier.we all share your gr
Name :   Vikas Sutaria
Memories :   Since many days, I am trying to write about Nawang but unable to last through the agony. For now, I want to say that he was the most extra-ordinary human that I had ever met. He even proved it. It was my fortune that he was like a brother to me and my mis
Name :   Lt.Dheeraj Modgil,7Maratha LI
Memories :   He was very simple ,co-operative and great at heart.I remember each and every moment we shared .I also rememberhis smiling face even in the tough times during training .really he has done his job and gone much ahead in the race to serve motherland which w
Name :   Priya
Memories :   I have no words to express how much INDIA and all INDIAN are indebted to Nawang and his family . It is people like him that make us proud and safe to be an INDIAN.
Name :   Raman Chugh
Memories :   I did not get to meet Nawang though i did meet Harish Uncle a few times at a friends place at Delhi. There is not much that one can put to words about the sacrifice that Nawang made for us. We all salute you , Nawang !!
Name :   Vikram
Memories :   Memories fade with time. But Nawang's sacrifice had made him immortal. He has shown us so-called patriots that ACTIONS speak louder than WORDS. Praise and respect.
Name :   Radhika
Memories :   Nawang,if you are there listening to me -Let me tell you we are so proud of you.May God give courage to Kapadias and may your soul rest in peace. Brave soldier.
Name :   alam rizvi
Memories :   we are proud of our brave young jawans who sacrified their lives with fighting with the coward enemies. and salute the brave young jawans who are shaheed and shaheeds are always alive. they will be alive in our hearts and give aspirations to sacrifie life
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