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Name :   Sonam Kapadia
Memories :   This web page is a memorial for Lt. Nawang Kapadia. Through this page the memory of Nawang will live forever and be shared with everyone
Name :   Alok Bhatnagar
Memories :   A very beautiful tribute to a brave son of India. It is indeed ironical that while we are spending reams of paper on Veerappan and Neeta Naik, we have to scan the papers for news about Nawang. As parents of another courageous child, who left this world
Name :   Ami Kantawala-Worah
Memories :   Nawang will always be remebered as the "cute little kid" in New Era in my heart.Though I am miles away from all of you,my thoughts are with you at this point.My salutes to the Late Lt.Nawang Kapadia and prayers to let his soul rest in peace.may god give t
Name :   Veenaphooi Thakker
Memories :   Dear Nawang, we love you very much and proud of you, you will be always in our heart.
Name :   Pratimaphooi Lal
Memories :   Nawang , the brave little child will always be remembered in our hearts. May his soul rest in God's lap & attain eternal peace .
Name :   Suresh K.K.
Memories :   This web page is not only a memorial for Lt. Nawang Kapadia. Through this page the memory of Sons of India will live forever and be shared with everyone. As a Photojournalist who covered Kargil conflict and covered problems in Valley I would request every
Name :   Suresh K.K.
Memories :   one that violence is not the answer for everything. Please support PEACE
Name :   Manish Sharma
Memories :   I remember the day when Sonam introduced Nawang to me in school. I was a year senior to Sonam, and immediately developed a fondness for the young Nawang - and can't forget his shy smile. I'm glad he went doing what he loved; I've never been more proud
Name :   Vikas Choudhury
Memories :   Although I had not met Navang, I greatly admire his choice of serving the forces for our country and his courage at the front. also, for the first time kashmir's issue really hits you hard. i'm sure this serves as a source of great pride for the family an
Name :   Aditya Daftary
Memories :   Nawang, I will miss our days running at the race course. I salute to your perseverence and loyalty to India, which will always be an inspiration to me.
Name :   Rahat Arif
Memories :   Lt. Nawang Kapadia's bravery is noble; his untimely demise, tragic. War, terrorism and aggression are manifestations of the ugly side of humanity. Are pious and patriotic words any comfort to the grieving parents?
Name :   Madhav Shankar
Memories :   Even though I am Nawang's brother's childhood friend's friend, I somehow feel that I always knew Nawang as a warm and wonderful person. His courage and sacrifice will always be an inspiration for me personally. May his soul rest in eternal peace.
Name :   Anand Gurnani
Memories :   It's very hurting to see the neighbour country taking undue advantage of our silence and our call for peace. Nawang's incident should be used to create a 'nation-wide awakening' among all the countrymen to make our stance clear to our neighbour country -
Name :   Anand Gurnani
Memories :   ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! We're all proud of our defence forces and its brave personnel and like we live safely due to their toil and effort, it's our time now to prove our gratitude by 'joining hands' together to ensure that they also 'live' safely, among us...
Name :   Dr. Uplaksh Kumar
Memories :   I knew Sonam and Navang from the SXBA days. I was a few year senior to Sonam. It makes me both sad and proud to hear this news.
Name :   Aparna Kapur Shankar
Memories :   It saddens me to know of such a brilliant life destroyed for something we ourselves have created - war. The loss is not just his parents but all of ours for letting this happen.
Name :   Trish Halmshaw
Memories :   I did not meet you personally Nawang, but I know how much your parents Geeta and Harish and your brother will feel your loss. I know they will cherish your memory always.
Name :   Lt Gurung
Memories :   Bravo Pal. Made us proud. Wait for me till I join you following the highest traditions of our regiment.
Name :   Milind Soman
Memories :   Dear Sonam Most tongue tied. I pray that you and your parents receive the strength to bear the loss. I will speak with you shortly. Heartfelt condolences, Milind, Deepa
Name :   Milind Soman
Memories :   We salute the young soldier's achievements and join the family in their mixed feelings of grief-filled pride.
Name :   Tushar Narsana
Memories :   Nawang is a real inspiration! I remember seeing him quite a while back when he was in college, slightly plump, with a pony tail. He's grown up to be a very strong man now. May his soul rest in peace. Regards, Tushar.
Name :   Uday Khona
Memories :   I knew Nawang through my friends and relatives. He was inspiration to lots of us. We all miss him Uday
Name :   Srinivas
Memories :   Nawang had done the whole nation proud. With his sacrific he certanly deterred more terrorists coming on us. May his soul rest in peace. We all are proud of Nawand and will follwo his path.
Name :   Nitin
Memories :   Nawang and other brave soldiers are the precious gems of this country. He is an inspiration in this day of decandence of Indian society. Perhaps he was too good for us.
Name :   Kunda Dixit
Memories :   I didn't know Nawang. Still, I feel a very deep sense of loss that I wish to share with his brave parents, brother and family. As a Nepali I salute his bravery and sacrifice, and pledge to work for peace--in his memory.
Name :   richa
Memories :   i remember nawang as a person who was full of life and so peaceful!! it is really heart breaking to hear of something like this!! i wish all of us could get together and do something about it!
Name :   Vikram Khosla
Memories :   It is difficult to find the right words to honor Nawang. I never knew him but salute his bravery and contribution for India. I know his contribution will help bring about peace and harmony for all.
Name :   Kaviraj Bhandari
Memories :   I don't really have any memories as i only me LT.nawang once or twice. I am really sorry about this sad occasion. Best regards. Kaviraj Bhandari
Name :   kaviraj Bhandari
Memories :   Lt.Nawang did something i could not belive he put his life on the line and ran into a place to save another lt and then was shot. i feel he did his best and if he was with us today he would be the best of the best. I feel this is the best way for and pers
Name :   karma tenzing sherpa
Memories :   I met nawang daju for the first time when i had come to bombay for my school tour.though it was a short meeting,i found him very friendly and intresting.though he is not with us anymore i will always cherish those memories which i shared with him.he will
Name :   ashish
Memories :   i read a article about him in yesterday times of india. I greatly admire his choice of serving the forces for our country and his courage at the front. i think it is great oppurtinity for all of us to fight for nation.
Name :   harish thakur
Memories :   all indians are and will be in debt forever to the supreme sacrifice of Nawang. Nawang, you will be remembered forever. you gave your today for our tomorrow. many many salutes to the brave son of mother india
Name :   rahul jhaveri
Memories :   hi sonam, we were in the same batch in New Era. heard about your brother. feeling sad but even proud for him you are lucky to have a broter like him & we are for having such a schoolmate. may his soul rest in peace. with salutes. From : Rah
Name :   anand patwardhan
Memories :   i am proud not only of brave nawang but of his whole family for daring to know that peace is the only solution to war
Name :   Alex
Memories :   To know is good, To live is better, To be, That is perfect. -Mother
Name :   Mahesh Natrajan
Memories :   I had known Nawang throgh his elder brother Sonam. Bravo Nawang !
Name :   Vic Iyer
Memories :   I am deeply moved by this site. I am unable to express my debt to your son. May his soul rest in peace. Please accept my regards for raising a wonderful son. I know with individuals like your son India can stand tall.
Name :   Saurabh Kumar
Memories :   Thought I never met Nawang..somehow this tragic loss feels very close and personal...and yet at the same time the feeling of sadness is overcome by a towering sense of pride....
Name :   Sandhya Karpe
Memories :   I did not have the opportunity to know Nawang much, but I am extremely proud of his great courage and sacrifice, which will make him a role model for all of us and forever etched in our memories.
Name :   Gurteg Sandhu
Memories :   I have not had the pleasure of meeting Nawang but after going through the website, I felt I knew him thus, I will share the same feeling of loss as all the others do. He made us all proud to be Indains. JAI HIND.
Name :   Nilesh Nathwani
Memories :   I did not meet Nawang. After reading the web side, how right was I when I wrote to you, "He was a Sagittarius by birth sign. Hence his personality was philosophical and poetical, benign and benevolent, gallant and debonair. One can easily see all that fro
Name :   Sidharth Bhandari
Memories :   Dear Nawang, You have given the ultimate sacrifice that a man can give for for his country and family. I am proud to be one of the people who had the honour to know you and shake your hand. May god bless you my friend.
Name :   Lt bharani dharan
Memories :   he was from my company in the academy . we used to get all sort of ragad & punishment together because we belong to the same wight category. he was a good friend and buddy. i still cant belive he has left us.we all phillorians & ssc 70 are proud of u .
Name :   Ritobrata Banerjee
Memories :   Jai Hind Nawang Sahab.
Name :   Lt pramoth
Memories :   Yes u buddy u will allways be in my heart and your courage and commitment to duties is a lesson to be learnt.
Name :   B.Kailash Shankar
Memories :   Within two months or so of his commissioning in the Army, Lt.Nawang laid down his life.I am sure that he killed atleast a dozen of the stinking 'pakis'- that will be the real tribute!! Sometimes I ponder; for whom has the young soldier laid down his life
Name :   Romil Timbadia
Memories :   May God rest your make us proud...a legend you have become
Name :   Sovan
Memories :   A memorable tribute to a great son of of India. Because you were there so many of us are alive
Name :   deepali bhatt
Memories :   dear redaers, memories are if those whom we have met.i never met nawang but i saw him once in the journa.and i remembered his face which spelt of welfare of india and when he is not here.i salute him as he has set an example for others.
Name :   Mrugank Sanghvi
Memories :   I never knew Lt. Nawang, but many yrs ago when I evinced an interest in hiking, his father Harish Kapadia helped and encouraged me and my friends a lot, and helped cultivate a love of the mountains in me, for which I shall always be most grateful. Harishb
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