Childhood Photographs
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Childhood Pictures of Nawang

Nawang spend his entire childhood in his home in Carmichael Road in South Bombay, India. The childhood was filled with treks into the Western Ghats with his family from where he developed his love for adventure sports and  outdoors. Nawang came from a Gujarati family with strong Maharastrian influences from the mother's side of the family. The Nawang made lasting friendships that have survived for over 20 years and those friends have always been a part of the Kapadia family.

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Holidaying with Ma and Baba.jpg (90624 bytes) With Grandparents.jpg (96860 bytes) Baby Brother.jpg (115291 bytes)
Holidaying in Kashmir with his parents Geeta and Harish Kapadia With his grand parents Manjula Kapadia (Mamu or Baimummy) and Bhagwandas Kapadia (Bha). Nawang is to the far right on Bha's  shoulder With his elder brother Sonam 
making a point.jpg (101726 bytes) Monkey.jpg (79152 bytes) Two Monkeys.jpg (101025 bytes)
Praying in a traditional dress  Monkeying around in the mountains
Seth of the market2.jpg (66856 bytes) Seth of the market.jpg (66199 bytes) Shooting water guns.jpg (91948 bytes)
Dressed in the traditional attire of a cloth merchants. The family business was cloth hence the name Kapadia.Lt. Nawang is to the right in both the pictures Holding guns from a young age...though they were only water guns then. Nawang is second from the right
Trekking.jpg (119912 bytes) Walking down the Road.jpg (127147 bytes) With Chris Bonnington.jpg (82826 bytes)
Trekking in the Sahyadris with his mother Geeta  Trekking in the Sahyadris Flagging of an expedition of his father and Sir Chris Bonnington. Nawang is to the far left. 
Dancing in New Era School.jpg (87217 bytes) With Lt Gen Ramesh Kulkarni.jpg (103121 bytes) With Nawang Gombu.jpg (64149 bytes)
Participating in School play in New Area School With Lt. General R. Kulkarni With Nawang Gombu, who has climbed Mt. Everst 5 times and Nawang was named after him. Nawang is on the left in his lap

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