Army Commendations
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Certificate of Honour and Badge of Sacrifice

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Certificate of Honour   

Badge of Sacrifice

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Lt. Nawang's father receiving the award

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On the eve of the 56th Independence Day on 14th August 2002, Lt. Nawang Kapadia  and three other brave soldiers were awarded a  CERTIFICATE OF HONOUR AND BADGE OF SACRIFICE by the Indian Army. All four had fought against the militants in different battles at different time.Major Rajesh Nair , Captain Subramanyam , Lt.Nawang Kapadia, and Sipahi Shankar Keru were all Awarded Badge of Sacrifice and Certificate of Honour by Mumbai sub-area Commander Brigadier Pannicker posthumously. The families of officers were all from Mumbai ,and Sipahi Shankar Keru was from Nashik . 

 In moving ceremony Brigadier M V K Panicker presented the Badge  made of Gold and a Certificate to Nawang’s father. Many friends and family members of Nawang were present on the occasion. Amongst the friends was also Jhanvi, the daughter of Parul and Ketan, who had recently planted trees in the memory of Nawang on her birthday. 

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Invitation for the function Jhanvi with the Certificate of Honour and Badge of Sacrifice