Fighting the Terror
The world is a fine place and worth fighting for - Ernest Hemingway

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Fighting the Terror

Few concerned citizens of India has formed Anti-Terrorism Front. The aims and objectives of the Front is to convey the message among the people that terrorism of any sort has no place in civilized society and to spread the awareness of he need for fighting terrorism. This Front has been formed under the aegis of  M.S. Bitta, a  former cabinet minister of Punjab , who was target of terrorism, and  has had a narrow escape in a bomb attack. 

The Front organized a Seminar on Saturday 23.3.2002, at Indian Merchant Chamber Churchgate ,Mumbai.This is the day when Sardar Bhagat Singh ,Rajguru , and Sukhdev attained their martyrdom. It was presided by Mr Bitta who has faced several terrorists attacks in his lifetime. 

On this day the Front paid homage to the “Army and Police Heroes of Mumbai” who made the supreme sacrifice  by laying down their lives the protection of the country,  fighting against infiltrators and terrorists and felicitate them posthumously .

The speakers for the day were Mr. Khainar Former Municipal commissioner of Mumbai and Mr.K.P.S.Gill ,former DIG of Police Punjab.Both these Indian Officers have been courageous in facing corruption and terrorism ,the two evils of today’s’ society ,which has made life of a common citizen ,unstable and miserable .Both he speakers condemned the politicians and the extremist parties of the arrogance and anti-social activities .Yet , also put forward the fact that it is in the hand of the common man to put an end to this , while Khainar gave example of  Shiv Sena goons ,who tried to bribe him into destroying slums by violence , and the strong law abiding stand he had to take from the day he assumed his office .

K.P.S.Gill , stressed the fact that he could be successful in Punjab , only because the people supported him .It is for the people to decide that they do not want violence and they will not fuel the terrorist in thoughts or action , which will divide the unity of people .The law and order can be restored when more people decide to respect and follow the secular rules , which are fundamental rights of any civilization .

The need of the day is public awareness, towards law and order, and peace will reign again in our country .

A function was held  in Mumbai where families of officers who had sacrificed their lives fighting terrorists were honoured. Lt. Nawang Kapadia  was one such officer honoured. His father and mother received the trophy from K. P. S. Gill who had fought terrorism in Punjab.

One of the novel feature of the function was that  in keeping with the dignity of the event no hand clapping was allowed. Instead each participant was given a India Flag which they waved whenever appreciation was required.

We hope more and more such seminars could be held in Mumbai for the general public.



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