Family and Friends
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Pictures with Family and Friends

When Nawang was going to the Officer’s Training Academy to beginning his training, there were two occasions when everyone had come to meet Nawang and to wish him well on his new career in the Army.

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At_Ravis_House.jpg (77933 bytes) Biryani_at_the_Pathans.jpg (89355 bytes) Everyone_on_day_of_leaving_for_OTA.jpg (96182 bytes)
Lunch at Paula & Ravi's house before he left to join the unit. Dinner at the Pathan, always great Biryani With all his childhood friends.
Cutting_the_going_away_cake.jpg (119183 bytes) Cutting_the_cake.jpg (122880 bytes) Going_away_with_trunk.jpg (94397 bytes)
Cutting the cake before going to join his unit. Dr. Mrinal Patnaik is giving the Victory Sign Cutting the cake with the shoulder epaulettes of a Lieutenant and a General Going away with his trunk
Kapadia_Family_all_dressed_up.jpg (70782 bytes) Kapadia_Family_all_dressed_up2.jpg (61932 bytes) Lifting_the_Trunk.jpg (113625 bytes)
Kapadia family all dressed up (L to R) Lt. Nawang Kapadia, Harish Kapadia, Geeta Kapadia, Sonam Kapadia Kapadia family all dressed up (L to R) Harish Kapadia, Sonam Kapadia, Geeta Kapadia,Lt. Nawang Kapadia  Nawang's friends help him with the trunk (L to R) Arif Pathan, Dr. Mrinal Patnaik, Lt. Nawang Kapadia, Sohail Pathan
Pooja.jpg (83637 bytes) Waving_before_going_to_OTA.jpg (90125 bytes) With_Ashwinbhai_and_Pakakaka.jpg (83096 bytes)
Pooja before leaving Waving good bye! At the farewell party with Sopari Seth and Pakakaka
With_Bhupesh_Kaka.jpg (106237 bytes) With_Deepak.jpg (86032 bytes) With_Deepak_and_Sonam.jpg (76007 bytes)
With Bhupesh Kaka With Deepak Sonam and Deepak with Nawang
With_Jagdish_Bhai.jpg (73641 bytes) With_Mesiha_Kaka.jpg (105227 bytes) With_Monal.jpg (100765 bytes)
With Jagdish Bhai Geeta Kapadia, Dr. Praveen Shah, Sarla Shah and Nawang Nawang, Monal and Sonam
With_Reshma.jpg (66716 bytes) With_Reshma_and_Arif.jpg (52336 bytes) with_Savita_Maushi.jpg (104238 bytes)
Reshma and Nawang Arif Pathan, Reshma and Nawang Savita Maushi and Nawang
With_Vasant_Bhai_and_Rodhan_Kaka.jpg (79362 bytes) With_Vikas.jpg (95206 bytes)  
All the doctors..Dr. Vasant Desai, Dr. Rodhan Shroff, Harish Kapadia and Nawang Nawang and Vikas  

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