Memories from Hanoz Dadrewala
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Memories of Nawang from Hanoz Dadrewala

Hanoz is a schoolmate of Lt. Nawang. They studied together in St. Xavier's Boys' Academy in Mumbai and graduate in 1992


Hi Sonam

It’s been very long since I wanted to write to you all, but I never really could gather the courage to do so. I don’t know if you really recollect me… but I was the Parsi student in Nawang’s class in SXBA. Maybe, just MAYBE your father might recollect a mischievous Parsi boy on a hiking trip with other SXBA students.

We, the class of 1992, Nawang’s batch, recently managed to contact each other on email… around 8 of us. We were recalling our school days memories… those were the days. Am penning down a couple of those to you… You may edit and post them on the web if you think they are apt enough:


1.     I recall how Nawang and myself used to harass a colleague named Bhavesh Parikh (I hope I have the right surname)... He used to be vegetarian and we used to show him our empty hands and tell him, “IMAGINE THIS IS AN EGG.. NOW WE WILL FORCE YOU TO EAT IT”  And that guy, Bhavesh would make faces n run like we were really feeding him eggs!!! I do miss Nawang a lot.

2.     He always used to help me in writing my speeches n stuff. Oh boy, how can I forget… he used to be my eating partner, very often coz we both could hog on non-veg… any kind ;-) any time ;-)

3.     In the 9th standard, when I stood for the elections for school captain, Nawang told me, “I WON’T VOTE FOR YOU…. COZ I WANT YOU TO CAPTAIN THE NEHRU HOUSE AND NOT THE SCHOOL. WE WILL BE IN OUR LAST YEAR AND WE HAVE TO WIN THE HOUSE CHAMPIONSHIP”. I told him, “ARREY YAAR, NEHRU HOUSE WILL WIN ANYWAY, BUT I REALLY WANT TO BE THE SCHOOL CAPTAIN… ALL THE MORE COZ MOST OF THE TEACHERS FEEL THAT I AM A VERY MISCHIEVOUS GUY AND CAN’T DO ANY GOOD WORK”.. I won the elections by around 30 votes…. But am not sure whether he had voted for me ;-)

4.     When we were in school, I used to tell him: I'M GONNA GROW UP AND GO AND WORK IN DUBAI, COZ MY UNCLE,  AUNT AND COUSINS ARE THERE... (in Dubai) and he used to tell me SAALA GADDAAR... I WILL GROW UP AND JOIN THE ARMY...

At that time I didn't know that I was really going to come to Dubai... it was just a childish dream... but he knew what he wanted to do... don’t know what to say... I'll end this mail with tears in my eyes.

Regards to Geeta aunty and Harish uncle.

Love & Peace,

Hanoz Dadrewala

Nawang’s schoolmate

St. Xavier’s Boys’ Academy - Class of 1992.