Trophy at Corps Battle School
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The Nawang Trophy at the Corps Battle School in Kashmir

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Nawang Trophy presented to the Corps Battle School

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In order to train the soldiers when they start their Counter Insurgency tenure in the Kashmir Valley, the Corp has established a Battle School. All the troops that are being inducted for these operations have to pass through this training. 

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Col. PP Singh (Left) handing over the Nawang Trophy to Col. John De Britto of Corps Battle School

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At the end of this training, the best performing student is given the coveted "Nawang Trophy". 

This trophy has been established by Nawang's battalion 4/3 Gorkha Rifles in memory of their officer. Col. PP Singh who is the Commanding Officer of the battalion along with the other officers in the battalion presented this trophy to Col John De Britto, the Commandant of the School. Co-incidentally, Col. Britto was the Commanding Officer for Nawang's battalion during his training at the Officers Training Academy in Chennai.

The Trophy is keenly contested amongst the cadets and highly coveted.

We hope that other soldiers starting their tenure in the valley will be inspired by the sacrifice of their brother officers.





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